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Dietra Baytop: Room L003 (circled on map)

image/svg+xml Men Women C Elevator W Stairs Stairs E Elevator Grand Staircase Lounge The Wolf Law Library -- Basement ------- Microforms ------- E Lockers Public Computers C Photocopier Emergency Exit Water Fountain E W Mechanical Rooms J. of Women & the Law Student Groups ------- Carrels 11-26 ------- -- Carrels 1 - 10 -- Locked Storage Bound Journals Bound Journals L030 A L030 C L030 D L030 E L030 F L030 H L030 G L030 I L024 L013 L017 A L017 L019 L030 B L011 A L011 L006 E L021 L017 B L026 L002 L004 L006 I L005 L003 L007 L009 L010 B L016 L010 A L030 Computer Training Lab Printers Computer Lab Cite Checking Lab Storage William & Mary Law Review Bill of Rights Journal Env. Law Journal Student Kitchenette Student Lounge Lockers Lockers L027 L030 L006 D L008 A L025 L023 L022 H G F L006 L K J A B C Group Study Room ------- Group Study Rooms ------- (1-96) (97-162) (163-222) Congressional Record Go downstairs, into the library & downstairs again, to be here. You are here.