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Kathryn Downing: Room L103M (circled on map)

image/svg+xml Class Hand - outs Men Women C Elevator W Stairs Stairs E Elevator Grand Staircase Rare Book Room First Floor Reading Room Lounge Federal Statutes Court Reporters Federal Reporters Regional Reporters Virginia Collection Library Director East Lounge Current Journals Newspapers Magazines Exec. Assistant ------- Reference Librarians ------- Head of Access Services Head of Reference Reference Desk Special Collections Interlibrary Loan Study Room J Lounge Technical Services Workroom ------- Technical Services ------- Head of Tech. Services Reserves Circulation Head of Circ. Circ. Assistant Librarians’ Work- room Encyclopedias Reference Collection Self- Help & Forms The Wolf Law Library -- First (Main) Floor ------- Carrels 27- 47 ------- ------- Public Carrels ------- E Lockers Public Computers C Photocopier Emergency Exit Water Fountain E W Federal Regs. DVDs L102 F L102 D L102 C L102 B L102 A L103I L109 L107 L105 D L103K L103L L103M L103N L103P L119 L103B L103C L103D L103E L103F L103G L103H L105 A L105 B L105 C L105 L102 G L102 H L111 B L113 L104 L118 L118 B L118 C L116 L112 L114 L110 L108 L106 L117 L103J L125 L124 L126 Library Lobby L100 L103 L105 E L100 A L127 L130 L123 L122 L111 A L111 (223-282) 48 - 63 through the lobby, Go downstairs, to be here into the library, You are here.