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Linda K. Tesar: Room L103H (circled on map)

ClassHand-outs Men Women C Elevator Stairs Stairs E Elevator MainStaircase Rare Book Room First Floor Reading Room Library Director LibraryAssistant ------- Reference Librarians ------- Head of Access Services Head of Reference Reference Desk Special Collections InterlibraryLoan StudyRoomJ Lounge Technical ServicesWorkroom ------- Technical Services ------- Head of Tech. Services Reserves Circulation Circ.Assistant Librarians’Work- room GeorgeWythe’s The Wolf Law Library -- First (Main) Floor E Lockers Library Lobby Public Computers C Photocopier Emergency Exit Water Fountain E L102 F L102 D L102 C L102 B L102 A L103 I L109 L107 L105 D L103 K L103 L L103 M L103 N L103 P L119 L103 B L103 C L103 D L103 E L103 F L103 G L103 H L105 A L105 B L105 C L105 L102 G L102 H L111 B L113 L104 L118 L118 B L118 C L116 L112 L114 L110 L108 L106 L117 L103 J L125 L124 L126 L100 L103 L105 E L100 A L127 L130 L123 L122 L111 A L111 (223-282) Lockers (M 1 - M 35) W W Circ.Supervisor Lounge Juvenile Collection Current Journals Virginia Collection New Books Display Case Feature Films ReferenceCollection Self-Help & Oversized Display Case Self-Checkout Individual Seating Individual Seating Atlases